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CTR offers a ‘one stop shop’ charity collection service.


CTR Textiles deliver a trusted, full cycle, charity disposal service in the recycling, reuse and resale of a broad variety of items which come your way, everything from clothing, bedding, handbags and shoes right through to the hangers and cardboard you collate with them.

Re-using items is proven to be the most cost effective and environmentally friendly route to disposing of the items you no longer need, and with over 70% of the world’s population wearing second hand clothing we are helping to provide millions of people around the world with affordable clothing.

All textiles and footwear collected are sold on to graders where each item is inspected and sorted into over 160 various product lines. These items are then shipped around the globe, providing affordable, everyday basics for emerging and developing countries, and high fashion or branded items reaching parts of Europe.

This process has a positive effect on landfill here in the UK, with CTR Group processing well over 200 tonnes of product each week. 100% of the textiles collected are reused, as is the cardboard and plastics, bric-a-brac falls just short of this figure achieving 98% reuse, with as little as 2% being disposed of due to broken, damaged or incomplete goods deeming them unsuitable for reuse – all of which reduces impact on the environment!










Excellent customer service is vital in our business, it’s the foundation of which some of our longest established partnerships have been based

We understand the importance of delivering high levels of customer service coupled with reliability and trust, which is why we invest in a great team.

Everyone from the uniformed Collection Drivers who span the regions collecting direct from your door, the dedicated Account Manager who is in regular communication, through to the Admin Staff who work behind the scenes to ensure our service runs smoothly and efficiently – we are hard working and dedicated.
Thankfully our years of experience have evolved a well trodden service footprint which enables us to provide a reliable, cohesive collection program for our customers which includes:

  • Pre agreed, regular scheduled collections

  • Competitive rebates

  • Monthly collection reports

  • Payment methods to suit you

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Branded collection vehicles with tracker systems for us to pin point vehicles whereabouts

  • Uniformed staff

  • Working partnership agreement

  • Information posters for each shop

  • Provision of bags and crates

Of course service is only one part of the jigsaw, we understand that rebates for your unwanted goods are high on your agenda. Largely pricing is market driven, we know our partners want the best price, our buyers want the best price and we need to make a profit. Our stance is to always be competitive and fair. With supply and demand influencing market prices we appreciate that regular communication with our partners is vital, which is why we update them regularly with trends and information on market conditions to help with their reporting and forecasts.

However rebates form only part of the bigger picture, reliable levels of service, ethical disposal routes and a commitment to achieving less than 2% waste as part of our excellent ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ programme (which reduces items entering landfill) display CTR Textiles’s commitment to our customers, our staff and the environment.











The root of Corporate Social Responsibility lies in the requirement for corporations to address the effect of their pursuits on the environment at large, encouraging businesses to take ownership of their actions and make sincere efforts to achieve sustainability and engage in business activities that limit harm to the environment.

At CTR Group we believe that CSR makes good business sense as well as being ‘the right thing to do’. At little or no cost to your business we offer numerous solutions for the documented recycling of a broad range of products that may otherwise be entering our landfill sites, by talking to us we can offer you solutions that not only benefit your business financially but is positive on the environment too – it really is a win win scenario.

Of course it goes without saying that the environment is at the centre of our business and we too purposely engage in activities which promote CSR. In fact our aim is to produce Zero waste and with less than 2% of items collected going to landfill we are well on the way to achieving this goal.

In addition, we have taken steps in our working practice such as moving to smaller, low emission vehicles, fitting our vehicles with tracking systems which can help with comprehensive route planning which in turn can lead to reduced mileage and fuel useage, recycling ALL waste packaging and, in the broader sense of community, we are proud to maintain a UK call centre for our staff.

In fact, we have built the foundations of our working practice on various accreditations not least by achieving ISO 9001 and ISO 14000, demonstrating our commitment to ‘best practice’ for the environment, our customers and for our business.










CTR prides itself on the established working partnerships built over many years with our charitable partners.

Our proven track record in providing a reliable, yet flexible service has been integral to these unions. More than just service however, ‘our’ team becomes ‘your’ team, we see ourselves as an extension of your business, we are responsive, we are flexible, we are transparent with the key to this success being found in working together with a shared goal.

CTR Textiles are proud to be members of the Charity Retail Association, committed to supporting and promoting best practice within the charity sector.












Contact Us


30 Marchington Industrial Estate,
Stubby Lane,
Staffordshire ST14 8LP
Tel. 0800 294 55 84

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